Tigers in train truck need your help

The team at Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary NPC was informed about the plight of 4 Bengal tigers abandoned in a train truck in Argentina. According to our sources, the 4 x tigers were part of a traveling circus. The circus owner could not afford to feed the 4 x tigers and requested a local farmer (a true good Samaritan), to temporarily assist in taking care of the poor animals, with the assurance that he will return to collect the animals. You can only guess what happened!! The circus owner disappeared and hasn’t been seen since, with the tigers stranded in the train truck and virtually zero protection against the natural elements.

The farmer, not experienced in taking care of large predators, then approached his local authority for assistance. Meanwhile, he was continuing taking care of the tigers, with his limited experience and resources. Without proper facilities, these poor animals were left to literally live in their own fecal matter for years.  

Argentina has strict regulations, and private ownership of large predators is strictly prohibited. Without proven ownership, authorities and the farmer entered into lengthy (3 years) legal processes. But, without a solution as to where the animals could be relocated to, they found themselves in a deadlock situation. Finding a safe, secure, true and ethical sanctuary, willing to accept and take care of 4 tigers for the rest of their lives, is no easy task.

Being informed of the tiger`s plight, Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary and The Wildlife Advocates Foundation teams, again stepped up and combined efforts. An assessment of the tiger`s situation was launched with an on site visit, confirming physical and psychological conditions of the animals, their living conditions, short term issues and legal possibilities for a relocation to Ubuntu.

What they encountered was heart-breaking: An open wagon with bars exposing them to extreme weather conditions -with summer temperatures of over 30 degrees- and wind blowing over the dry land through the wagon, and only a small night shelter as a hide. Although the farmer feeds and takes care of the 4 tigers as best as he can, his limited resources and knowledge of tigers is putting a tremendous strain on him. Hygiene is another major concern with parasite infestations a threat to the health of the tigers in this small confined space. Adding to this, a complete lack of any form of enrichment for the cats, and in all probability, we will also be dealing with psychological issues on top of physical problems.


In true Ubuntu spirit, the local authorities of La Secretaria del Estado de Medio Ambiente y Parques de la Provincia de San Luis, the good-hearted farmer, and the dedicated teams of the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary and Wildlife Advocates Foundation, collaborated and developed strategies and procedures to legally relocate the 4 tigers to the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary NPC in SA.


  • The Cites Import and Export Permit applications to relocate the tigers to Ubuntu will be submitted in the coming weeks.

  • Other preparation and processes include:

  • Medical check-ups and where needed, medical care.

  • Construction of IATA approved crates.

  • Prior to departure the tigers will also need to be tested for the Corona Virus.

  • Transport of the tigers from the train wagon to the airport (1200 Km).

  • A special air carrier is required to transport the tigers.

  • On arrival in South Africa, the tigers then need to be transported to Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • -       Associated costs



We have more exciting news on this rescue coming soon!!