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Wildlife Conservation

Koffiekraal Embroidery Mamas 

The Ubuntu team adopted the Koffiekraal Embroidery Mamas as part of our community outreach program. Koffiekraal is an extremely poor community and the mamas get together once a week to share their work, stories and just enjoy each other’s company under leadership of their coordinator, Ami. Our Ubuntuneers started joining the Mamas during their weekly get together in July 2019, buying their unique embroidery items, all with animal designs. At the end of 2019, team Ubuntu with the aid of sponsors such as Pick& Pay and generous donations from volunteers, gave the Mamas a year end party, which was enjoyed tremendously by all…loads of singing and dancing. 

Groot Marico Primary School 

Our Ubuntuneers started visiting this school late 2019. Teacher, Miss Engeli, leads a strong team of co teachers. Our volunteers are making a huge difference to the lives of the children by spending time in the classroom with them, and donating stationary and sporting equipment.

Thusanang E.L.C Creche for orphans

As part of our community outreach program, Team Ubuntu supports the Thusanang creche for orphans. Spending time with the children is important as it shows them there are people that care, and that they are not alone in this big scary world. We also try to incorporate our visits with some Wildlife & Animal education - trying to instill a passion & love for nature.
Ensuring we invest in Wildlife Conservationists.



If you would like to come on board or help donate to the cause please do get in touch.