The Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary is also facing various challenges, ranging from animal food supplies, veterinary care costs etc. International flight restrictions and “lockdowns” prevented volunteers from volunteering and assisting our team on the ground. This had an adverse effect on our fiscal stability. Even with international flight restrictions being lifted, various European countries have suffered a second wave of Covid19 infections, severely limiting travel abroad. Due to an increasing workload we had no option but to employ additional permanent and occasional casual staff to assist our team with maintenance, animal care, food preparation etc. The Ubuntu ethos sets the ethical treatment of animals as a basic reflection of the moral health of human society


Caring for the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary lions and tigers during the Covid19 pandemic has presented us with many challenges in caring for the rescued lions and tigers in our care. But, we are committed to the care and welfare of these animals rescued from distressed situations from around the world. We are witnessing increasing incidents of animals in serious distress, suffering from malnutrition, sickness, and disease. Internationally the focus has been on saving human lives and revitalizing crashed economies as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the fate of animals has not received the same attention and assistance, and we`ve been witness to a substantial decline in financial support for animal rescue and welfare organizations, both locally and internationally.

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Even with all the challenges we had to, and still are, negotiating daily, your support has been amazing and inspirational to us. Through this support we are still able and committed to taking care of the lions and tigers at Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary, other species and animals in need. Your support enabled us to address the nutritional and veterinary needs of every animal we have rescued, and helped them recover from severe malnutrition, stress and basic welfare and wellbeing issues. They have been given a second chance at a healthy and caring life in their new permanent homes. We may not have changed the world by rescuing these lions and tigers….but we have changed the world for each and every individual lion and tiger at Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary.


Large predators are highly complex, intelligent, and dangerous animals, requiring specialized diets, intensive care, managed by skilled and experienced staff in captive situations. These animals cannot be returned to the wild and we provide them large natural camps/habitats to live in as natural conditions possible. Providing this specialized care requires substantial continued financial resources. Your donations and contributions will assist us in meeting our financial obligations in providing food, medical care, camp maintenance, enrichment activities and general welfare and wellbeing of the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary lions and tigers.

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The Ubuntu family invites you to contact us at to book your dream volunteer week. The Ubuntu team is renowned for their commitment, passion and dedication to all the animals in our care. Meet and assist the team with our rescued lions and tigers, other African species and join us in our community out-reach programs. We not only change lives, but we change mindsets and life styles.


She is a prominent figure in Argentinian wildlife rescue circles, and founding member of Wildlife Advocates Foundation (The Netherlands):

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"Throughout my life I have always felt a strong connection to animals, especially big cats. The beauty and power that these animals radiate is simply overwhelming. Their role as a predator was meant to keep the ecosystem in balance. But now many of them are kept in horrific circumstances, in situations such as closed down Zoos, private holdings, etc. Suffering a life Sentence, for a crime they never committed. I felt it was my mission in life to provide as many big cats as well as other exotic animals as possible a better life. However, it wasn’t until I met Karen and Jurg Olsen, Lukas Swart, founders of Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary (meeting leopard Spirit after having participated in an animal communication course with Ana Breytenbach) that words and feelings were put into action. The professional and loving way they were taking care of their felines made a big impression on me. With their unconditional help as well as the support of the Wildlife Advocates Foundation we managed to rescue three tigers and four lions from my home base in Argentina, many of them are currently living in Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary. Overnight, their living conditions changed from living on 15 square meters of cement to having a full hectare to themselves on African soil surrounded by abundant vegetation and natural pools in the case of the tigers. Unfortunately, as is happening worldwide as a consequence of the pandemic, the crisis in Argentina is worsening. Animals very often are becoming a second priority. As is the case with our latest rescue: four abandoned tigers trapped in a train carriage in the north of Argentina. A spot has been reserved for them at Ubuntu Wildlife, a safe haven where their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing are will be looked after as soon as the rescue takes place. As the last note and from personal experience, there is nothing more beautiful in life than observing a lion or tiger being released from captivity into their private habitat after a long rescue journey….often feeling the grass under their paws for the first time in their precious life. We owe them. They deserve to be treated with love, respect and admiration”