Melena & Zuka's Treatment

Melena & Zuka | Update

On Saturday 22 May 2021 the Great Trek of the lions and tigers from the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary started from Schuinsdrift in the North West Province and Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape. A trek of almost 1400km`s. The process of sedating and crating the 12 lions and 2 tigers is also an opportunity for our veterinarian, Dr Peter Caldwell of the Old Chapel Veterinary Clinic in Pretoria, to do health checks, administer vaccines, vitamin boosters and apply external parasite control measures. Both Melena and Zuka are compromised animals suffering from years of malnutrition resulting in secondary health complications. Prior to the Great Trek, Melena had been receiving treatment for a wound on his tail which did not heal properly. When sedated, Dr Peter immediately diagnosed the wound to be a tumour and expressed his concern that it may be malignant. He advised that Melena be admitted to the Old Chapel Clinic for treatment as a matter of urgency. Dr Peter then sedated Zuka and did a thorough examination of this very special lioness. He found that she was suffering from Pyometra, which means her uterus had to be removed urgently. Both Melena and Zuka were admitted to Old Chapel Veterinary Clinic under the expert and caring hands of Dr Peter and his dedicated team. On Wednesday 26 May 2021, Dr Caldwell successfully removed Zuka`s uterus and then, in a complicated procedure, had to remove a large part of Melena`s tail. Melena and Zuka are now recuperating under the watchful eyes of Dr Peter and will join their lion and tiger family at Ubuntu when fully recovered and ready to travel (hopefully within the next 10 days). Melena may not have all of his tail anymore, but his larger than life character and personality will make up for this…we just want him healthy and roaring away with the other lions. His beautiful new home awaits him. By now we all know that the beautiful Zuka has a lioness fighting spirit burning in her heart, and cannot wait to welcome her back, introduce her to her new home…and be on the receiving end of her vicious snarls at feeding time.

If you would like to contribute to Melena & Zuka's medical Treatment - you can follow the below links EFT or Direct Deposits in South Africa Account name: Ubuntu Spirit of Africa Wildlife Rescue Bank: Nedbank Account type: Business PAYU Account number: 1178827623 Branch code: 198765

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