The Reunion Trip - Melena & Zuka's Homecoming

The Reunion Journey is completed.

Melena and Zuka are home.

We arrived this morning at 04:00 at Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary and had to wait to sunrise, to let them out of their transport crates into their new camps. Zuka walked into her camp and immediately started exploring, walking up the mountain, then stood there watching over her new home. What a privilege to see her so beautifully silhouetted against the rock formations. Melena was a little disoriented at first but then walked into his camp and greeted Adam and Eve...then he walked over to Zuka and greeted her. Within half an hour of of walking into his camp Melena started roaring...and the rest followed suit...their roars echoing through the canyons. They are home!!!

A special thank you to Team Uniwisp, who again volunteered to take on the long and arduous journey from Gauteng to the Western Cape. And they did it with so much with vigor, humor and pure love and care for these two special lions. Marius, Desmond, MJ and Jannie...thank you from the bottom of our hearts...and that of Melena and Zuka. Ray, the Super Switzer, you are amazing and a brother to the lions and tigers. Your commitment and dedication is an inspiration to all of us. Enjoy the PE, visit and safe travels. Also a huge thank you to the Moot Afriforum team...without your assistance we would not have been able to load Melena and Zuka in such a short period of time. Thank you so much. Lastly, thank you Melena and Zuka for your iron wills to survive, then enduring the long drive and your amazing arrival and temperament...welcome home my beauties.

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