Melena's Medical Care

Melena's Medical Care


With the cold of winter upon us, we've noticed Melena was limping with his left rear leg. Dr Peter Caldwell was contacted, and videos of Melena getting up, laying down, even scrubbing feet after urinating movement were sent to Dr Pete. Dr Pete studied all video material and a preliminary diagnosis of Osteoporosis was made.

Melena was put on anti- inflammatories and antibiotics. The medication is having a remarkable effect and Melena is moving around a lot better, he is eating well, enjoying lazy sleeps in the sun, stalking the other lions and loves the attention he is getting from Zuka, his neighbor.

However, Dr Pete advised he will need to take X-Rays of his hips and he will longterm go on Dr Pete's joint supplement, Projoint (3 tabs every day).

The X-Rays will be more expensive and Dr Pete will give him another thorough examination too.


Our Team needs your🙌 help & contributions to Melena's Medical care.