Portfolio of Work


Perfect Execution

Tika has successfully been relocated to the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary from a closed down zoo in Argentina.



A Real Success

"Melena" which means "Mane" in Spanish, has successfully been relocated to the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary from a closed down zoo in Argentina.



A Real Success

The Ubuntu team is excited to announce our commitment to rescue 7 tigers, 2 ligers and 4 lions from a closed down zoo in Argentina.




With big excitement we were able to announce that Colon arrived in South Africa on Saturday 14 December 2019.
Colon's name will be changed to Maxima-Kanya.
Our winner for the Competition earlier in 2019 is Andrew Nezar, who selected the name Kanya. Congratulations & thank you for sharing it with us.
With Argentina currently facing their worst crisis since 2001 &with local authorities informing us they could not pay for her flight anymore, our Ubuntu team in joint cooperation with the donation of a anonymous zoo in the Netherlands (Name to be released in 2020) -Maxima-Kanya could start the journey to her FOREVER Home!We have decided to honour them by adding to her already beautiful name.
The decision was made, and we now have a combined name : Maxima-Kanya.
The donation was made for the air travel as well as all costs of the crate, local transport etc.
Our Ubuntu team would like to extend our gratitude for this generous donation to ensure her safety.
We would also like to thank, Wings For Animals - worldwide support for animals in need who contributed substantially to the night shelter for Maxima-Kanya.
And then lastly, thank you to all the INDIVIDUAL SPONSORS that contributed via Natasja and Corina of the Wildlife Advocates Foundation. UN MILLION DE GRACIAS!!
We still need donations for Maxima-Kanya's monthly food and Veterinary care. So please continue sharing & donating to her cause!



In The Spirit of Ubuntu

We at the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary are honored & pivileged  to have worked with the The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization - Ukraine & Lionel De Lange -working together with Jacaranda 94.2 Good morning Angels & Mazda Southern Africa to bring these 5 lion cubs back HOME from the Ukraine to South Africa!
Craig Roberts, Managing Director of Mazda Southern Africa and Chairman of the Mazda Foundation Southern Africa had sponsored R126 000,00 needed to pay for the flight costs, to bring the five lions home to Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary !
We are very proud to have been part of this Rescue and in bringing these Lion Cubs home to the African Sun & Soil! 
Thank you to each and every one involved ,  Mazda Southern Africa , The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization - Ukraine , Jacaranda 94.2 & Breakfast with Martin Bester show. 
This just shows that in the Spirit of Ubuntu we are changing the world for these lions!